The geological-evolutional concept of resin genesis

"А в книжной памяти мгновения войны"



Maksym A. Bogdasarov1 and Georgii I. Rudko2


1. Department of Geography and Nature Management, Faculty of Geography, Brest State A.S. Pushkin University, 21, Kosmonavtov Boulevard, 224016, Brest, the Republic of Belarus
2. The State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources, 18/7 Kutuzov St., off. 816, 01133, Kyiv, Ukraine


Geological and evolutionary concept of the genesis of fossil resins: Fossil resins are a special group of natural organic compounds. The work is devoted to the determination of special features of formation, distribution, properties, composition of different types of fossil resins. The paper deals with the evolution of concepts of origin of fossil resins, contains data on the sources of resiniferous vegetation, discusses a problem of succinosis and a role of the chemical impact of mineral medium containing resins on the process of their formation, substantiates prospects of revealing of new resin deposits in the Mesozoic and Cainozoic sedimentations of Northern Eurasia.


Fossil resins, resin genesis, phytogeographical areas, succinosis, rumänite, gedanite, retinite.

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Maksym A. Bogdasarov, Georgii I. Rudko
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Библиографическое описание источника: 
Journal of Geological Resource and Engineering 2018 (06-03, 112-123)
David Publishing Company